1. You can have different prices on every single gallery. Very simple to adjust.
2. Software is server based so updates are instantly installed on all galleries.
3. You can have your thumbnails as any size.
4. You can have your images as any size.
5. You can have your images as different sizes in the one gallery.
6. The orders comes through to you into an online database.
7. You also receive notification of the order as an email.
8. You don't have to have your own secure certificate. All done on -  photogalleries247.com
9. You then get your money by putting the details through your own EFTPOS machine.
10. The money side can be done by PayPal if you are not a credit card merchant.
11. No e-gateway fees.
12. I charge a flat $44 per month for the system. ( 100mb of space - approx 3000 images)
13. Larger size galleries are available. If you go over quota, the system still accepts your images.
14. You can go into any job at any time with your control panel and change a price on any job.
15. Say you changed your Studio Phone number and it is on every page with every gallery, image, and thumnail. That can be changed from the server's Administrator Control Panel.
16. The gallery is very fast, also the speed is the same if the gallery contains 20 images or 2,000 images.
17. Improvements and tweeks are being added every week and all these are automatically upgraded to existing galleries.
18. The gallery is plain and simple to focus on sales - ie the pages are not cluttered.
19. You can add as many sizes and prices and freight options to every job as you want.
20. The pages won't save and the pages won't print. However nobody can stop screen grabs.
22. Images can stay up as long as you like.
23. You can turn any gallery on and off etc from your control panel.     
24. You can turn the shopping cart off on any gallery and use it as a display gallery only.
25. You can have galleries that don't appear in the Events list.
26. You can have a different © copyright line under the images on different galleries.
27. You can have passwords or no passwords.
28. You can have multiple passwords on every job all controlled by you, the photographer.
29. Passwords are not case sensitive.
30. I can change your admin control panel access password for you in seconds.
35. Galleries will keep loading and working if you go over your quota of space.
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